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A mysterious disappearance escalates into a murder case

Not long after receiving a devastating medical diagnosis, Amy Cooper is at the police station—reporting the disappearance of her husband, Callum.

A few miles away, a mother and her children are outdoors enjoying a day in the snow when they discover a dead man in a ditch nearby. The mother calls the police, whose initial investigation indicates the body belongs to the missing husband, killed in a hit-and-run. But the autopsy results reveal to DI Samantha Freeman and DS Jenny Newcombe that the man didn’t die in a car accident. And a murder investigation is initiated. Now they must work their way through a web of secrets and lies to learn what really happened—and to whom . . .

In a house filled with darkness, a woman battles to find her way out.

After a seemingly perfect start to their relationship, Emma marries Simon. But as soon as they return from the honeymoon, Simon changes. He forbids Emma from seeing her friends and parents. He controls their finances. And through a series of cruel, unexplained incidents, he persuades her that she’s losing her mind.

With Emma’s spirit battered and her passion for painting destroyed after a few months of marriage, she finally admits to herself that she’s afraid of her husband. The only piece she manages to complete is of a depressing charcoal house, a representation of her tortured life. Then Emma receives a cryptic message from a stranger—and shocking revelations begin to emerge one by one.

The sordid truth or a comfortable lie: Which would you choose?

Learning the shocking truth about her past rocks Anna Greenwood’s world and shakes her beliefs to the core. The information she discovers sets in motion a quest to bring justice to a man of position and influence who appears protected by his status. However, Anna’s efforts seem futile—until help comes from an unexpected source.

Anna’s journey takes her to the brink of tragedy and the near-death of herself and another innocent woman. But can she bring down the powerful, arrogant man who caused her mother’s heartache, or will she fail in the mission she knows to be justified?

A car crash claims three lives—but the survivors have not escaped unscathed.

When a sudden blast of severe weather causes a traffic accident, the effects will ripple through the lives of many long after the scene is cleared. Hannah has lost a leg, as well as her memory of the event, leading her to fear she may have been at fault. Struggling with recovery and anxiously awaiting the inquest results, she remains at home with her husband and kids.

Joe wants to take his own life after his wife died in the accident, leaving him  injured and alone. Meanwhile, the Joneses mourn their son and decide to embark on a project to honour him: opening a centre for rescued animals. But when the survivors find their paths crossing again, there are consequences that no one could predict . . .

When nightmares become reality, how do you find the strength to keep hope alive?

When eleven-year-old Danny Stone is kidnapped on his way home from school, panic grips his parents, Martha and Richard.

As authorities scramble to find answers, their home in Bristol becomes a battleground of suspicion – until a ransom demand arrives, leaving Martha ready to pay any price.

But as Richard hesitates, secrets begin to unravel and Martha fights to untangle her husband’s web of deception while the fate of their son hangs by a thread.

Will Danny make it out alive? Or will one horrific moment cause irreparable damage to all three of their lives?

A woman thinks she’s found her long-missing sister, but the discovery only leads to more questions.

Elise McDonald is sure she has just spotted her sister, Grace, in a department store in Leeds. The last time she saw her was fourteen years ago, at Grace’s third birthday party, when the children scattered during a game of hide and seek—but Grace never returned from her hiding place.

When the girl approaches, she introduces herself as Ruth and chats about her father, a doctor, and the village she grew up in. But Elise believes that Ruth is really Grace—even if she doesn’t know it. Is there any chance they can solve a cold case the police had long given up on—or is Elise deluding herself? And if she’s right, what really happened on that fateful day?

Murders past and present will unite a couple against their enemies—or tear them apart forever.

Rosie Cantrell has a past that even her husband knows nothing of. Born Samantha Ashby, she abandoned her old life when her  twin sister was murdered and their trust fund was stolen. Journalist Frank Stokes knows Rosie’s story, and, nearly ten years later, he intends to write a book about the sisters.

Compelled to reveal her past to Mike, Rosie tells him of the man she dated who later killed her sister—and who was subsequently killed while in prison awaiting trial. To this day, there is no sign of the two-million-pound trust fund. When Stokes goes missing, the police question Rosie and Mike—and when Stokes’s body is found close to their cottage, they become persons of interest. Soon, the investigation uncovers even more secrets, and threatens to destroy both their marriage and their lives . . .

She’s killed her husband—and now she must convince the police that she is not the villain but the victim . . .

Caron Rivers appeared to have it all. Lovely home. Loving spouse. Happy marriage. But behind closed doors, things were not what they seemed.

Why did Caron snap and kill Bill? Now she finds herself at the police station, facing questions about exactly what happened and what led to the shocking event. With Bill dead, she is free to tell her story. But the police may not believe it, in this gripping novel of emotional and psychological suspense from the author of Abduction and The Accident.

A woman’s mind begins to spiral as she tries to sort out truth, lies, and mysteries about her family in a novel by the bestselling author of Abduction.

Alice’s husband is missing. Has he left her for another woman, or has something more sinister happened? In a world that is becoming increasingly muddled, Alice is unsure whom she can trust. Even her daughter appears to be lying to her. How much heartache can one person endure?

As strange things begin to happen, Alice struggles to separate reality from fantasy—and to make sense of a mystery surrounding Millie, her beautiful five-year-old granddaughter. Sometimes it takes a stranger to help. And sometimes you need a detective . . .

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