Snow Wish

Bleat was born in late spring when the days were warm and sunny and the grass grew green and lush.

“You’re a lucky little lamb,” said his mother, “Some lambs are born early when the snow is still around!”

“What’s snow Maa?” Bleat asked.

“Well, it’s white and soft, it covers the grass and it is so, so cold!” his mother told him.

“I wish I could see the snow!” Bleat said.


The days were getting longer and Bleat was getting bigger. One morning when the wind was blowing, the blossom began to fall from the trees in the orchard. The petals blew into Bleat’s field and swirled around his head.

“Is this snow Maa?” Bleat asked.

“No,” his mother told him. “This is blossom, it means the trees are getting little apples on them and the rain and sunshine will make them swell and grow, just like you’re growing. You’ll know when it snows, it’s so, so cold!”


The weeks passed by and Bleat almost forgot about the snow, until one morning when the farmer was washing his tractor. The water and soap made lots and lots of bubbles. Bleat went to the fence to watch. The bubbles bounced around on the breeze. When one landed on his nose it went POP and made him jump! Bleat ran back to his mother.

“Is this snow Maa?” he asked.

“No Bleat,” she told him, “The farmer has been ploughing the field and his tractor is dirty. They are soap bubbles made by the soap and water. Don’t be in a hurry to see snow, it’s so, so cold!”


Bleat was beginning to think he would never see snow. One morning when he woke up he could hardly see anything. There was a wet mist that covered everything. Bleat could only just see his mother!

“Is this snow Maa?” He asked.

“No my little lamb,” she said, “This is fog. When the clouds are too heavy to stay in the sky they come down and cover everything. But don’t worry Bleat, it won’t be long until the snow comes and it will be so, so cold!”


The fog went away, just like the blossom and the soap bubbles had. Bleat grew a little bigger each day, happily eating the sweet grass with his mother in their field on the farm. One day the sky grew very dark.

“The clouds look very heavy.” Maa told Bleat.

“Will it be foggy again?” Bleat asked.

“We’ll see!” Maa said.


The very next morning when Bleat woke up, he could hardly believe his eyes. The whole world was white!

“Maa!” he woke his mother up, “Is this snow?”

“Yes Bleat, it is!”

“But it’s so, so cold…” he shivered.

Maa moved closer to her lamb and Bleat snuggled into her thick woolly fleece.

“The best thing about snow,” she told him “Is that it’s the time of year to snuggle down together and keep each other so, so warm!