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The quiet, coastal beauty of Harper’s Cove captures Claire’s heart, and a new job at the ‘Angel Tea Rooms’ appears to be exactly what she is looking for, or is it simply a place to hide?

Her co-workers quickly accept her as one of their own, and it seems that finally she has everything she’s ever wanted in life, but is it so easy to shake off the hurt of the past? As events begin to conspire against her, Claire receives one shock after another, and her world begins to unravel as the past catches up with the present. Is it possible that dreams really can come true and that Claire can have the future she really wants and deserves, rather than settling for second best?


“Fantastic story full of colourful characters. A twist you don’t see coming and lots of reasons to smile. Brilliant as always!”

“Another lovely read by Gillian. Think you know where it is heading then bang, along comes the twist. A lovely story makes you feel warm inside.”

Eleven-year-old Danny Stone is brutally snatched from the street on his way home from school. He finds himself imprisoned in a semi-derelict building, alone, cold, hungry and terrified of what might happen to him. But in an unexpected turn of events he meets someone who will impact on the rest of his life. An unlikely friendship develops in the most difficult of situations, and a powerful, far reaching, bond is forged.

Danny’s parents, Martha and Richard, are thrust into an unimaginable nightmare. With their only child missing and a ransom demanded, will they be able to meet the kidnappers’ terms, or will their son be lost to them forever? And in this most distressing of situations, can their marriage survive the inevitable pressure they are under, or will secrets surface to test the strength of their union and their feelings for each other?

“From the very beginning I found this book moving and compelling. I found myself lost in the plot and couldn’t put it down till I finished it! Would definitely recommend, a great read.”



An agony aunt should have all the answers, drawn from the experience of her own perfect life, right? With a loving husband, two point four beautiful children and a charming home which is always neat as a pin, right? Wrong!

Laura Green’s life is hurtling downhill fast. Her husband has left her and their three children for a younger woman. She has a teenage daughter who isn’t speaking to her, and a mother who is living on another planet.

Throw into the mix a pushy, unwanted admirer and a best friend who has moved several hundred miles away and Laura is close to breaking point. Just when she thinks life couldn’t possibly get any worse, the letters begin to arrive…

“As with all of Gillian’s books this didn’t disappoint. Kept me guessing about the culprit til the end. Could empathise with Laura and her problems as a mum. A brilliant read!”


NovellaFrontCover-01Victoria Patterson is in love with Josh Harper and daring to hope that she has at last found her soul mate. With the perfect job as a nurse on the ICU unit in a Manchester hospital, her future looks rosy, but is Josh really the man for her?

Sarah Jamieson is a midwife in Edinburgh and happily married with two beautiful children. Her participation in the making of a television documentary about maternity care in Edinburgh, resurrects painful memories of one of the worst times in her life.

One cold autumn evening, an extraordinary event stuns Victoria and changes the course of her life completely, eventually bringing the two women together and fulfilling the dreams of them both.

“I read this book in an afternoon – it was a heartwarming story. Gillian is one of my favourite authors and I couldn’t believe there was a book I hadn’t read.”



Nothing much surprises Counsellor Maggie Sayer. She has seen it all, or thinks she has. Meeting two very different clients, both with complex needs, challenge Maggie’s perception and professional outlook.

Lindy is incarcerated in a young offender’s institute, a place where she feels safe, and experiences a degree of comfort previously unknown in her young life. Abandoned by her mother and cruelly separated from her brother, Lindy is alone and afraid. Can Maggie take a step back from Lindy’s situation or will her instincts and emotions take over?

Carol expected to find happiness and security in a marriage to an older, wealthy man, but soon learns that life is not what she hoped it would be. Maggie does her best to help Carol untangle her problems, but soon discovers that everything is not as it seems at number 34 Appleton Close.

“I’ve been looking forward to the next Maggie Sayer – and I wasn’t disappointed!”


What would your ‘bucket list’ be if you knew when you were going to die?

When Helen Reid is diagnosed with terminal cancer, time suddenly became a precious commodity, a gift not to be wasted. Attempting to make the most of her few remaining months, Helen plans to travel to Canada and enjoy time with family and friends. But the past is drawing her back to the very worst period in her life, to an incident which even now, years later, brings shame and regret. Is it possible to make restitution for that awful event which has haunted her over the years? Revisiting her home town brings Helen into contact with people she would rather not meet again but determination spurs her on to do what should have been done forty years ago, something which will hopefully bring the peace Helen so desperately needs.

“A difficult and emotional subject written in a sensitive way.”

“A book you don’t want to put down until the journey comes to an end.”


At what point do you abandon hope?

An idyllic summer’s day, a children’s birthday party and a simple, innocent game of Hide and Seek.

What should be the happiest of occasions for the Bryson family turns into their worst nightmare as three year old Grace disappears from their own garden, devastating the family and changing their lives forever. But fourteen years later when her sister Elise sees a young woman in a department store she becomes convinced that it is Grace. How can Elise, heavily pregnant with her first child, convince her family and the police that she is not mistaken? Could Grace still be alive and if so, where has she been since disappearing, and what really happened on that summer afternoon fourteen years ago?

“Brilliantly written. Loved the story. Couldn’t put it down.”


Would winning over eight million pounds on the Lottery be your dream come true?

It is for Jenny and Malcolm Grainger but their delight quickly turns into a nightmare when secrets from the past re-surface, resurrecting painful memories and provoking conflicting emotions within their family. Jenny struggles to accept what her husband has been hiding for over thirty years and with Maggie’s help begins to look at the issues from a different perspective.

For as long as she can remember, Alice has been intent on remaining single, a decision based on an unhappy childhood. There is however a vital piece of information not in her possession which may make her think again. How can she persuade her mother to reveal the truth and what will be the effect on Alice of learning this shocking secret? Alice embarks on a journey of healing and accepting the past in order to move confidently into the future.

Maggie’s involvement with these clients comes at a time when her own family need her more than ever as they are confronted with an insidious, heart breaking illness.

“Amazing! I was totally drawn in by some of the interesting new characters and I had complete empathy with them. I became so involved that I couldn’t put it down”


For Rae Chapman the months before her wedding should be the happiest time of her life but the same troubling nightmare that disturbed her sleep in childhood has returned once more.

Could something from the past be trying to re-surface? Are they only dreams, or long lost memories? Rae begins a journey to find out more about her past and discovers a family secret which throws her world into turmoil. Lydia appears to have led a life of ease and privilege but now has a decision to make, one she has put off for nearly forty years and one which will shock her family and friends. As time is running out she turns to Maggie Sayer for help but is it already too late?

Linda thought she had escaped an oppressed life when her husband left, but has she simply exchanged one difficult situation for another and how can she support and protect her only child but still do the right thing?

“As usual I wasn’t disappointed. Lots of plot twists and surprises. Couldn’t put the book down and can’t wait for the next book.”


Ellie Graham wakes from a coma to a strangely different world than the one she remembers.

Sarah is a newlywed whose fairytale romance and marriage is turning into a nightmare. Ruth, desperately longing for a child of her own is sinking beneath the weight of a long kept secret.

Maggie Sayer is no stranger to grief herself and uses every possible approach to give her very best to her clients, but can every story have a happy ending?

“Gillian masterfully interweaves each of her characters’ storyline in this tale, this completely draws you in, as a reader you feel such empathy for each character.”


The unexpected death of Maggie Sayer’s husband shatters her perfect world.

Struggling to make sense of overwhelming grief, a complete change and a positive focus seems to be the only thing which will enable Maggie to carry on with life. Training as a therapeutic counsellor provides this focus, bringing her into contact with people who desperately need help. Julie is living in fear of an abusive husband, Janet is crumbling under the weight of a secret she has kept for over forty years and Karen has never recovered from her mother’s violent death. Maggie is drawn into each client’s problems as she seeks to empower them to move on with their lives. And then she is faced with an ethical dilemma when she meets Peter…

“Sensitively written, poignant and compelling.” 
The Counsellor’ is the first book in the ‘Maggie Sayer Series


“The author has real empathy for the characters she creates. She shows an insight into human nature as she interweaves their lives with that of Maggie the counsellor.”

All five full length Maggie Sayer novels have now been combined into one box set at the amazing price of £5.99/$7.99. A great way to enjoy the books which are individually priced at £1.99/$2.99.

Available on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, itunes, Google play.


51B8sUw6lCL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_SHORT STORIES

An anthology of twenty four short stories in which you will find the many aspects of love; romantic, maternal, haunting and reflective.

There is humour, witty, tongue in cheek, or simply mischievous. All stories are inspired by life, love, animals and chocolate. The perfect companion to tea and cake!


Moving on from Victim to Survivor Cover‘Moving On… From Victim to Survivor’ offers positive help and practical ideas for dealing with the trauma brought about by sexual abuse in childhood.

With an easy to read format and presented in a simple way, cutting through jargon, it offers down to earth help and support. The text is purposely short with chapters which can, if desired, be dipped into rather than read from cover to cover. It is a guide to the journey of regaining your self-respect and love of life, in order to live your life as a whole person and finally shake off the shadows of the past.

‘This book is honest, open and compassionate.’



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