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Elise McDonald is sure she has just spotted her sister, Grace, in a department store in Leeds. The last time she saw her was fourteen years ago, at Grace’s third birthday party, when the children scattered during a game of hide and seek—but Grace never returned from her hiding place…

Is there any chance they can solve a cold case the police had long given up on—or is Elise deluding herself? And if she’s right, what really happened on that fateful day?



Murders past and present will unite a couple against their enemies—or tear them apart forever—in this suspenseful thriller from the author of The Victim.

Rosie Cantrell has a past that even her husband knows nothing of. Born Samantha Ashby, she abandoned her old life when her  twin sister was murdered and their trust fund was stolen.

Journalist Frank Stokes knows Rosie’s story, and, nearly ten years later, he intends to write a book about the sisters. Tracing Rosie, he visits Thursdale, the village where she now lives with Mike and their baby son, Noah.

Compelled to reveal her past to Mike, Rosie tells him of the man she dated who later killed her sister—and who was subsequently killed while in prison awaiting trial. To this day, there is no sign of the two-million-pound trust fund.

When Stokes goes missing, the police question Rosie and Mike—and when Stokes’s body is found close to their cottage, they become persons of interest. Soon, the investigation uncovers even more secrets, and threatens to destroy both their marriage and their lives . . .



A dead husband, a wife’s confession. A seemingly straightforward case of unlawful killing should be wrapped up quickly. The only question remains, is it murder or manslaughter? Or is it?

As DI Jack Priestly digs into Carol Jacobs’ past, not everything stacks up, leaving Jack wondering who is the real victim in this case.




Some people are good for you. Others are toxic.

Alice’s husband is missing. Has he left her for another woman, or has something more sinister happened? In a world that is becoming increasingly muddled, Alice is unsure whom she can trust. Even her daughter appears to be lying to her.  As strange things begin to happen, Alice struggles to separate reality from fantasy. Sometimes it takes a stranger to help. And sometimes you need a detective . . .




The strangest thing about losing your memory is not knowing who you are.

Ellie Graham wakes from a coma with no recollection of the last ten years of her life. Believing she’s eighteen, the shock of learning that she’s twenty-eight, married to Phil and has given birth to baby Sam, hits her hard – to her they are complete strangers.

Returning to the familiarity of her parents’ home, Ellie attempts to discover who she really is – is she the person everyone thinks she is, or is there a darker side to her personality – secrets to be ashamed of which she wouldn’t want to surface?

Can Ellie learn the truth, or is it easier to simply run away?


Agony aunt Laura Green’s life is hurtling downhill fast.

Her husband has left her and their three children for a younger woman. She has a teenage daughter who isn’t speaking to her, and a mother who is living on another planet.
Throw into the mix a pushy, unwanted admirer and a best friend who’s moved several hundred miles away and Laura is close to breaking point.
Just when she thinks life couldn’t possibly get any worse, the letters begin to arrive…


‘A joyous cup of tea and a biscuit book’


When time is running out, every moment counts. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Helen Reid determines to make the most of the time she has left.

A trip to Canada to see the grandson she hasn’t yet met is high on her list, plus a ‘wake’ to celebrate life with her friends.

But the past is drawing her back to the very worst period in her life, to an incident which even now, years later, brings shame and regret. Is it possible to make restitution for that awful event which has haunted her over the years?

Determination spurs her on to do the right thing, what she should have done forty years ago but was prevented by fear.

Will Helen find the peace she so desperately craves?


‘An emotional journey, tear stained but loved it!’



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