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England, February 2018

‘The Beast from the East’ – a deadly combination of below-freezing temperatures, torrential rain and flurries of snow – has swept across the British Isles.

Most people are merely inconvenienced by it, but for some, the deadly storm will change their lives forever. With the icy conditions on the roads making navigating rush hour more perilous than ever, it only takes a moment for an accident to occur. Hannah Graham wakes up in hospital, suffering a life-changing injury – but she has no memory of the crash. Joe Parker escapes the accident but the person he loves most is not so lucky. Alan and Cassie Jones receive the worst news a parent can imagine a few hours after the collision. Three families have been affected, but who was to blame? As they struggle to piece their lives back together, can anything good come out of something so devasting?

THE ACCIDENT is a thought-provoking domestic thriller that will pull at your emotions and stay with you long after the pages have turned.


How do you keep hope alive when your worst nightmare becomes reality?

Eleven-year-old Danny Stone is brutally snatched from the street on his way home from school.

He finds himself imprisoned in a semi-derelict building, alone, cold and terrified of what might happen to him. Danny’s parents, Martha and Richard, are thrust into an unimaginable nightmare.With their only child missing and a ransom demanded, they are forced to meet the kidnappers’ demands or lose their son forever. As family secrets bubble to the surface, the Stone’s marriage is put under strain.

Will Danny make it out alive? Can his parents save him? Or will one horrific moment cause irreparable damage to all three of their lives…?

SNATCHED is a page-turning kidnapping thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. This emotional psychological thriller will stay with you long after the pages have turned.


“Such an intriguing read which had me gripped from early on – a compelling story with an ending that keeps you guessing and a heartfelt beautiful epilogue that sums up the amount of research needed to portray this storyline with the desired emotion and feeling brilliant.”

“I was hooked on this book till the very end…..brilliant last few pages….not what you expected to hear… a brilliant read.”

A heart-wrenching kidnapping thriller. Perfect for fans of Cara Hunter, Liane Moriarty, LJ Ross and Lisa Jewell. What do you do when the unthinkable happens?

A carefree birthday party goes horribly wrong. The children scatter to play hide and seek. But one little girl never returns.

Three-year-old Grace has vanished without a trace. Fourteen years later with the case long-since gone cold, Grace’s family have done their best to move on. But her sister, Elise, has never given up hope. And now Elise thinks she may have found her… Is Elise going crazy? Could Grace really have returned? And if she has, where was she taken…?

ABDUCTION is a page-turning kidnapping mystery which confronts every parent’s worst nightmare. This emotional psychological thriller will stay with you long after the pages have turned.


“I loved this book, full of twists and turns, couldn’t put it down. I couldn’t wait to get to the end to complete the story, a truly amazing read.”

“I loved it!! The type of book that you can’t put down and needed to read to the end. A sad event that brought such emotion and feel for each character.”



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