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Born and educated in Darlington, I met and married Derek who generously provided me with a ready-made family of two adolescent boys, David and Stephen, when we married in 1974.

We left the north east for a period of ten years in the 1970’s when we were relocated to Rochdale with Derek’s job, taking the boys and our then six month old baby, Ruth with us. Four years later along came Paul and I can honestly say that our children are the finest accomplishments of my life and to date they have provided us with eight grandchildren. Our time in Rochdale as a growing family were good years and we made many friends with whom we share fond memories, but after ten years we decided to move back ‘home’ to Darlington. Having devoted myself to raising our children for ten years I was ready to launch into a new career, the one I had trained for in the years before my marriage, as a nursery nurse.

We successfully opened Darlington’s first Day Nursery, a family endeavour in which we all pulled together to create a thriving fifty place nursery for children from six weeks old to four years. It was an exceptionally busy time but thoroughly rewarding and was to last for another thirteen years before we eventually moved on again.

A few difficult years of adjusting to my new status, or non-quote-life-storystatus, followed before I found my niche in training as a therapeutic counsellor and going on to work and use those skills in the voluntary sector. This new work thrust me into a very different world as I took on the role of supporting victims of crime, from burglary to homicide. Perhaps this is where I gained something of a working knowledge of the justice system, but more importantly, an understanding of some of life’s greatest challenges and sadness.


Presently I am blessed to have time to spend with our family as well as writing. Derek and I live a relatively quiet life supervised by our gentle rescue dog Liffey, (left!)  a golden Labrador cross.’

Hopefully my books will bring as much pleasure to my readers as they do to me as I write them.