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Welcome to my website! I am something of an accidental author, having only begun my writing career after I turned fifty, which only goes to prove that you are never too old to follow your dream!

Combining an interest in psychology and therapeutic counselling with my new found passion for writing, I have created books which often deal with difficult contemporary issues but written with sensitivity and from a positive perspective. My first full length novel, ‘The Counsellor’ introduces Maggie Sayer, a therapeutic counsellor, and follows Maggie’s own story alongside the problems of three of her clients. Having trained in counselling myself, I include techniques which I have found powerful and interesting in the hope that my readers will find them interesting too. There are three more ‘Maggie’ novels with another on the way; more details are given on the ‘My Books’ page.  ‘Abduction’ became my next project (no prizes for guessing the plot) and ‘A Measure of Time’ both full length novels. A non-fiction book and a compilation of short stories complete my current portfolio.

I hope you enjoy this site and please have a look at my Amazon Author Page too, which will keep you up to date with any offers on my books.

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